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SEO Services For Estate Agents

Best Marketing Company For Real Estate Agents

I talk to real estate agents regularly about the importance of social networks. Many would like to get started but have three major roadblocks in the way.

  • They do not know where to find articles and other content to publish.
  • You do not have the time to be active on social networks every day.
  • They do not know how to determine if their marketing efforts are effective or not.

I’ve been looking for tools that will help real estate agents better manage their time and engagement on social networks, as well as improve their effectiveness and ROI. After trying different tools, Social Made Simple stands out the most. Social Made Simple is an online tool that serves as estate agents seo services and other small business owners overcome the most common obstacles and create attractive and effective campaigns with minimal investment.

Easily find content to share with your followers

In my opinion, the content generator is the most interesting feature of Social Made Simple. When you set up your account, you will ask which sector they are working in (they have a specific area for real estate). From that moment onwards, you will receive a long list of online articles that are relevant to your industry, for real estate agents. With a few simple clicks, you can find an article, add your comment and post it on all your social networks. Of course, if you find an article elsewhere that you want to share, you can easily paste and publish the link to the panel.

Schedule publications to save time

Most realtors do not have the time to connect to their social sites daily and publish. With Social Made Simple, estate agents can schedule one week (or more) releases at the same time. You can schedule different publications on different social networking sites, or you can save even more time and schedule the same publications on all sites. Instead of logging in every day, you can log in 1-2 times a week and do it all at once.

Determine the effectiveness with a weekly report

Many realtors are worried about wasting time on social media marketing and do not see any results in terms of participation, brand awareness, or generating potential customers. Social Made Simple offers a range of easy-to-understand analytics that shows you how effective are your social media presence.

The weekly report gives you one vote, based on the number of publications you have created, the proportion of each publication, and the comparison of your publications with others in the sector. It gives you a quick overview of how you work and then lets you go deeper and see a more detailed analysis.

The pitfalls

Of course, every product has its shortcomings. I’ve found that the Social Made Simple interface on Twitter is a bit frustrating. You can see your Twitter feed on the Social Made Simple platform and see who started it. However, you cannot see anyone’s profile. You can tweet again in real time, but you cannot just schedule retweets, a feature provided by other tools. I often twitter my tweets with this tool, but then log in to my real Twitter account to join followers.

Finally, Social Made Simple is limited in the sectors for which it provides articles. It is not a problem for estate agents, but if you are working in another area that is not on the blackboard, this tool may not be worth it.


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