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SEO For Estate Agents Edinburgh

SEO Tips to Achieve a Decent Ranking for Estate Agents

If you have an estate agency, you must pay attention to some of the search engine optimization techniques for your website. These techniques will help your website to get a decent ranking across search engines. So, here are some of the techniques for estate agents SEO Edinburgh.

  1. Register Your Site with Top Search Engines

Most people forget to think about different search engines that they exist. You will have to visit each search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. What you can do is you can submit your URL to register your site there. It will improve your rankings across search engines.

  1. Include keywords and Phrases

You will have to include relevant keywords and phrases to attract traffic to your website. It will, in turn, improve your SEO ranking. SEO For Estate Agents Edinburgh is competitive. Therefore, if you want a decent ranking, you must focus on adding keywords and phrases. A good web developer can help you in this regard. It is because this point requires a bit of technical assistance.

  1. Add a Sitemap

When Google like come to take a glance at your site, there is Robot who want to understand what is the structure of your website. To solve this problem, you can add a sitemap to your website. It will turn out to be very useful for you. You can also list pages on your site and can link them as well.

  1. Add Blogs and Articles

The future of estate agents SEO  depends upon blogs and articles currently. Make sure you provide blogs and article having rich contents with keywords. It will help your site to be found easily. Another thing is that it will diminish your competitions. So, if you’re an estate agent, it will be hugely beneficial for you. You can summarize a little bit of history for your business to increase credibility.

  1. Provide Links

In every marketing strategy, links are provided so that your business can be promoted. However, this process is a time consuming one but it and one of the most important aspects of estate agent SEO. You will have to provide links that trigger towards your site. It also determines the significance of your website. It then gives a suitable position according to your website.

  1. Give website Structure

You will have to ensure the code which is behind your site is clean. Search engines like Google send robots to access your site. They read the content available in your site. It is done to list your website on the engines. And, it is required for specific search categories. So, you must have a proper code and structure for your website to increase your chances of decent listing.

  1. Add a page of about you or your business

Last but not the list, you must tell the world about you on your site. Add a page in which you can showcase the highlights of your business. You will have to make your audience understand the reason why you are good at your business. It will help them to choose you easily.

If you can use these tricks and techniques smartly you can be sure that you will be right at the first page of the search results on all the top search engines!


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Ready to order your pre rank site for your chosen city/cities? Contact us now to get started immediately. call 07500 175 623 now.


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